Enhance event analysis with advanced analytics

Leverage our advanced analytics to gain insights into participant interactions with your content during virtual meetings or live webinars. Track demographics, chat interactions, session involvement, feedback, and overall engagement to ensure your events are engaging and impactful. With this valuable data at your fingertips, stay ahead of the competition by understanding your audience like no one else.
Get to know your audience better by analyzing webinar performance.

Improve performance with in-depth event insights

Our built-in webinar analytics tool helps you enhance your event content by analyzing attendee behavior and feedback. With these detailed insights, you can identify the topics that interest your audience and discover ways to boost their engagement during virtual events. The analytics provide information on attendance, chat activity, and survey responses, assisting you in making your future webinars more engaging and effective.

Demonstrate webinar ROI with comprehensive audience data.

Focus on the key metrics that matter for your work

Our webinar platform provides all the tools you need to gather insights from live events efficiently. Use analytics from past webinars to craft strategies that boost engagement.

Know your viewers

Dive into detailed analytics to see how attendees interact with your content. Identify when engagement peaks and use these insights to strategically place calls-to-action (CTAs) for your products or services.
Maximize conversions by analyzing attendee engagement.

Segment your audience

Use registration and attendance data to segment your audience based on their behavior and preferences. Tailor your sales pitch to match the interests and needs of each segment, making your offerings more relevant and appealing.

Optimize sales funnel

Analyze the attendee journey from sign-up to post-webinar follow-up to identify where people lose interest. Optimize these points to create a smoother transition to your sales pitch. Insights from the analytics might suggest improving the event content, tweaking the timing of your pitch, or refining the follow-up process.

Refine your pitch

Analyze audience feedback and engagement levels related to your sales pitch. Tailor your approach, language, and presentation style to what resonates most with your audience. Experiment with different pitches during live events to identify the most effective one.

Evaluate and iterate

Leverage post-webinar analytics to categorize attendees by their level of engagement and customize your follow-up communications accordingly. Provide exclusive offers or extra information to highly engaged participants to prompt immediate action at future events.


Frequently asked questions

Are you looking to enhance your marketing efforts or streamline your processes? Discover the power of our live webinar software, which is equipped with comprehensive analytics insights tailored for your success.
What is webinar analytics?
Our webinar analytics tool collects, analyzes, and interprets data from online events. The deep insights track attendance, participant engagement, chat activity, survey results, and viewing time. This information can help you enhance content, structure, strategy, and audience interaction for future webinars.
How can analytics be used to improve webinars?
The analytics we collect during your live events can optimize many aspects of your virtual presentations. For instance, analyzing key indicators helps identify which topics most captivate your audience, moments of reduced engagement, and how the duration of a webinar impacts attendance. Using this data, you can tailor future events to be more engaging and valuable for participants.
Can webinar analytics help with marketing strategies?
Sure! A thorough analysis of past webinar analytics can significantly enhance your marketing strategies. By examining key performance indicators, you gain deeper insights into your target audience, including their preferences, behaviors, and interests during online events. Using this data, you can create more targeted and effective advertising campaigns and tailor webinar content to attract more attendees.
What webinar analytics tools exist?
Our built-in webinar analytics tools are available for free in your account, regardless of whether you have a paid or free plan. Our event analytics tool provides a variety of metrics, including attendance reports, engagement graphs, survey response analysis, and more. Additionally, we offer the option to configure Google Tag Manager for your events, allowing you to collect as much valuable data and indicators as possible.